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Pre-Orders for this year are now ended. See you at PiratePalooza!!!

Novelty PiratePalooza™ License Plates!

Let everyone on the roadways know that you're a member of the PiratePalooza™ crew by way of these super awesome novelty license plates featuring the PiratePalooza™ logo (aka, Captain Drew's trademarked Star Skull Sigil)! Printed directly onto to aluminum blanks with UV inks, these are the real deal! Just toss a protective clear cover over your Palooza plate and mount it to the front of your ship (or your autocarriage, if your state allows novelty front plates). Just to be clear: these are NOT real license plates and you may NOT substitute them for legal plates unless you have a strong desire to meet one or more members of the law enforcement community (please don't do this).

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Collectible T-Shirts!

12th Anniversary Shirt 11th Anniversary Shirt 10th Anniversary Shirt Captain Drew Shirt 2013 Adult PiratePalooza Shirt 2012 Adult PiratePalooza Shirt 2011 Ladies PiratePalooza Shirt 2011 Adult PiratePalooza Charcoal Shirt 2011 Adult Green PiratePalooza Shirt 2010 Ladies PiratePalooza Shirt 2010 Adult PiratePalooza Shirt 2009 Ladies PiratePalooza Shirt 2008 Ladies PiratePalooza Shirt 2008 Adult PiratePalooza Shirt 2007 Ladies PiratePalooza Shirt 2007 Adult PiratePalooza Shirt 2006 Ladies PiratePalooza Shirt Artwork 2005 Ladies PiratePalooza Shirt 2005 Adult PiratePalooza Shirt
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Collect Older Shirts!

Many of the shirts shown here will be available for purchase at our shirt booth at the Palooza for a reduced cost, and the remaining stock will be available for order online following the Palooza.

2013 Curse of the Rumbullion – This shirt comes in unisex and ladies styles and features a glow-in-the-dark PiratePalooza™ logo on the front and a glowing pirate ship on the back, which is laid out in the spirit of an old-time pirate movie poster. The unisex shirts come in black, the ladies shirts come in a very popular purple! Be advised that stock on these is ridiculously limited, a good reason to pre-order your shirts for next year when they're made available.

2012 Glowing Pirate Skeleton Shirts – This shirt comes in unisex and ladies styles and features a glow-in-the-dark PiratePalooza™ logo on the front and a glowing skeleton pirate on the back. The unisex shirts come in black, the ladies shirts come in a pretty pink/purple/berry color. It's pretty awesome and remaining stock is limited.

2011 rPlank™ Shirts – Extremely popular, very colorful - a pirate pop culture keepsake!

2010 Cursed Skull Shirts – This soft cotton adult T-shirt is printed with discharge ink which means that the color of the shirt is effectively “bleached” white instead of laying down heavy layers of ink on top of the fabric. The result is a really lightweight and soft shirt.

2009 Fifth Anniversary Shirts – Featuring an original PiratePalooza pirate poem and the iconic white hand logo, the adult tees sold out in less than 2 hours!

2008 Tropical Island Shirts – These chocolate colored shirts feature a fun tropical skull and cutlass pattern across the front and a tabloid text and illustration layout on the reverse.

2007 rPhone & Skull – Commemorating the debut of Captain Drew’s famous rPhone™ and featuring the PiratePalooza™ logo in bold super-hero size on the chest.

2006 Glow in the Dark Cutlass/Guitar – The logo on the front of these shirts glows in the dark! Ladies sizes only.

2005 First Year Shirts – A true collectible from the very first year of PiratePalooza™! Ladies sizes only.