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With worldwide interest in PiratePalooza™ at an all-time high we've decided to launch a news channel bringing you our side of the story - something the sail-by media is either too weak or too effeminate1 to accomplish. PPTV is a news network dedicated to you, the hard-working, back-stabbing swabbies and wenches what have dedicated your lives to making the high seas a much livelier and tooth-free environment. We hope that you will throw your support behind our movement to stand up for the rights of those who are too drunk and flea-bitten to do it themselves!

We are pleased to reveal the official sponsors of the 2014 PiratePalooza™ T-shirts, without whom you scurvy lot would still be wearing the rags you came in with!! The Captain strongly urges you to consider learning more about each of them as there will be a quiz later, and you very well may find yourself in need of one or all of these fine establishments at some point in your career as a pirate!

The Guy Behind the Camera

Our experienced photographers are available to document your event. Anything from conventions, corporate events, civic activities or anything in between. We enjoy photography and doing the best possible job for our friends, clients and fans. We also attend local and regional events, conventions and seasonal activities and do what we do best. Capture the moment.

Clean Cut Fabricators

Clean Cut Fabricators provide high-end cabinetry, millwork and casework to both residential and corporate clients, including: Raving Brands, Walmart, Grady Hospital, Jameson Inns, Riverside Banks and the Salvation Army. Clean Cut performs both the fabrication and installation and are known for using high quality materials and delivering their productions on-time with competitive prices. They LOVE pirates!

Nocturnal Pirates of Atlanta

We are a crew of Pirates, Privateers, Wenches and Traders that attend community and charity events and many festivals, including Pirate Faires, Renaissance Faires, and Rendezvous. Established in 2014 and headed up by Lorenzo DeLa-Cruz Rodriguez and Selena Copeland a/k/a Lady Franchette, The Nocturnal Pirates of Atlanta have participated in the 2015 Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta Christmas Parade; the Atlanta St. Patrick’s Day Parade (2015 and 2016); the DragonCon Parade (2014 through 2016); the Little 5 Points Halloween Parade (2014 and 2015). The Nocturnals teamed up with Lanier Partners of North Georgia for the 2015 Pirates of Lanier Poker Run to help raised over $70,000 for Camp Sunshine, the Hall County Boys & Girls Club, and Camp Twin Lakes. The Nocturnals have monthly meetings and explore future adventures and events within the crew. As a crew the Nocturnals to be period correct but include anyone who expresses an interest in the Age Piracy. If you need help we can guide new members with wardrobes and personal effects and accoutrements, from jewelry to weaponry. Our crew is a team effort and we are always seeking new pirates to join us. (Must be at least 18 years of age to be a member.)

Oz Publishing

Oz Publishing is a swashbuckling gang what produces a range of award-winning print and online periodicals and directories for and about the visual communication industry including Oz Magazine, the annual Creative Index, and more than half a dozen film and video directories for states throughout the southeast. Oz is a comprehensive resource for identifying and hiring the individuals and companies whose creativity and work stand out consistently, which leaves out a lot of you good for nothing rum-guzzlers!

Party Photobooth

The best way to liven up a party is with our digital Party Photo Booth! It’s super easy to operate and once your guests begin mugging for the camera and using the provided wardrobe and props you’ll have a hard time getting them to do anything else! We're available for all sorts of events, from private to corporate. Get your party started right!


High Quality Photography

The photo galleries listed below are not the property of PiratePalooza™ or Captain Drew; usage rights for all images should be negotiated with each photographer and prints may often be purchased if so desired. Links open in a new window or tab. Please enjoy them!

The following are "Rock Star" photographers with whom Captain Drew has worked.


Music Downloads

2007 Booty Music Full album and liner notes.

2007 Booty Music Individual Tracks

Performances are property of the singers listed; commercial use of any of these songs requires approval of the appropriate artists, rights holders, studios and any other bodies with ownership rights. Provided as is, with no warranty or guarantee. We're pirates, not a music studio.


Local Resources

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  1. Not that there's necessarily anything wrong with that.